New Brunswick Flavor Ban

Last Week the government passed an opposition bill put forth by the Liberal Party in November.

Bill 17 has now gone through it's second reading. This bill is to ban ALL FLAVORED E-LIQUID in New Brunswick. You as a vapor NEED to voice your concerns opposing the Flavor Ban to your MLA.

The 3rd reading and Royal Assent (becomes Law) will be sometime in the middle of June.

The Lung Association, Heart & Stroke and the Cancer Society are very big advocates Federally and Provincially, to have this Flavor Ban implemented. As a Constituent and if you have ever donated to these (big corporate "non-profit") Organizations, YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

Some ridings only have a few 1000's of voters. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

There is practical and common sense approaches to Regulating this industry so it give Adult smokers a harm reduction alternative without it getting into the hands of our youth. Unfortunately the government did not consult industry, doctors, Addiction specialist, or actually use "non-debunked" scientific data. Our elected MLA's don't want to hear it.

We all were teenagers at one time that have tried a multitude of risky behaviors (including smoking) Our government regulated it to reduce the risk of it getting it into the hands of our youth. They did not ban it (Period). They need YOUR VOICE, to see there are ways to regulate this industry so it works for all parties involved, including keeping this our to the hands of Youth. Here is a list on our Website of MLA's for NB. CALL, EMAIL and MAIL them. YOUR VOICE MATTERS! Do ALL 3. They do have "Spam" Filters on their email, so it may not get through to them



Non-Profit Organizations

Contact these NON-PROFIT Organizations

Cancer Society Saint John

Address: 133 Prince WilliamSt, Saint John, NB E2L 3T5

Phone: (506) 634-6272


Cancer Society Fredericton

Address: 346 Queen St,Fredericton, NB E3B 1B2

Phone: (506) 453-1551


Heart & Stroke Foundation

Primary Contact Kurtis Sisk, CEO; Email:

Office Phone 506-634-1620 Toll Free Phone 1-800-663-3600

Alternate Contact David Hickey, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications; Email:

Site Location Hilyard Place

Address; Map 580 Main St, Suite B210 Saint John, NB Canada E2K 1J5


The New Brunswick Lung Association

65 Brunswick StreetFredericton, NBCanada E3B 1G5

Ph: (506) 455-8961 Toll free: 1-800-565-5864

President and CEO Barbara MacKinnon, PhD



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